Community One - A Case Study

Community One, a local nonprofit, reached out to us to create a series of videos that would help explain the work that they are doing in the community.  And let us tell you, they are doing some amazing things in the community!  We met with them to talk about which areas of their organization could really benefit from video, came up with a game plan to create these new videos, and finally shot, edited, and implemented them into the launch of their new website.

Areas of Benefit

Once we had a chance to talk with Community One, we found that they were in need of an updated vision video, and a few videos focusing on parts of their organization.  The goal was to launch these videos with their new website and help bring more awareness to the organization and the different areas in which those who wish to get involved can volunteer.

Game Plan

Below you will see that we produced a vision video with the Executive Director, Eric Cummings, walking and talking in a neighborhood that they were actually rehabbing some houses.  This neighborhood created a great backdrop and helped give strong emotion to the video.  At the end of the video, we switched scenes to a nearby park to give the sense of hope and love. The second video we created focused on their Whole-House Rehab projects.  We were able to shoot some creative video of local students helping demolish the house, which preps the house to be completely redone.  We used an emotional interview with Eric to help create the story.

Implementation and Results

We shot each of these videos in about an hour to two hours on location.  Editing took just a couple days.  Once the videos were sent to Community One and were approved, Community One waited until the launch of their website to post the new videos on their Facebook Page and website.  Within a couple of weeks, the vision video received 2,400 views on Facebook and 28 shares.  The Whole-House Rehab video has 1,400 views on Facebook after being posted a week after the vision video.