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If you're an e-commerce brand you need a lot of content. Captivated Content offers a solution to help you build your creative content library.  Our process is simple.  After signing up for one of our monthly video plans, we hop on a short kickoff meeting, we create a 12 month video marketing strategy, you ship us your product, we create the content, you review it, and finally we send you the final files for you to use.  Or you can use our in-house digital team to help upload and optimize your content for social media, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and other popular digital platforms.  Stop letting your competitors pass you by and start using content to convert leads into online buyers and excited fans.

E-commerce Product Content Made Easy

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Recent Content Tips

May 19, 2023

Creating Effective Marketing Videos for the Awareness Stage of the Buyer's Journey

In today's digital landscape, social media platforms have become powerful channels for reaching and engaging with potential customers. To...

Feb 15, 2023

Our Favorite Super Bowl LVII Ads

It's the week after the Super Bowl so, naturally, it's time for our annual Favorite Super Bowl Ads article. The game itself was great. ...

Jan 12, 2023

How Industrial Companies can Use Video in their Marketing

Industrial companies can use video in their marketing for a variety of reasons. Video is a powerful medium that can help to convey...


2 Videos Per Month

4 Lifestyle Product Photos

12 Month Strategy

1 Monthly Planning Meeting


4 Videos Per Month​

8 Lifestyle Product Photos

12 Month Strategy

1 Monthly Planning Meeting

Video + Social

10 Videos Per Month

4 Branded Social Media Graphics

8 Lifestyle Product Photos​

12 Month Strategy

1 Monthly Planning Meeting

Monthly Video Marketing Plans

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