Forging Ahead Campaign

The Challenge

Nix has had the tagline Forging Ahead for a few years now. Although many of the internal team members have an understanding of what the slogan means, those individuals outside of the organization only have a vague idea.  We wanted to create a campaign that educates and inspires an audience to take part in Forging Ahead.

The Solution

I worked on a video called Forging Ahead that explains what the slogan means to Nix.  I worked closely with Nix' President to bring the script to life.  Part of the solution included making four icons or logos for the four explanations of what Forging Ahead means:  Forged From Our Humble Beginnings, Forged From Generations Before Us, Ahead of the Pack, and Ahead of the Curve.

To make the most impact when launching the campaign, we created a customized web page for the video and description to live on our website, embedded the video on the home page, and I created a few different video thumbnails for our sales team to utilize when sending the video through email.  I created multiple ones for different target audiences including those in need of coatings work, fabrication work, or overall metal solutions.  We also had a backdoor introduction of a new slogan in this video.  I came up with the slogan One Company Many Solutions as an answer to the general public not realizing how many capabilities that Nix has and that each division is part of one company

Video Thumbnails for Email Marketing



Forging Ahead Email Thumbnail-coatings

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Forging Ahead Email Thumbnail-coatings