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The Challenge

Hoehn Plastics has long been a staple at the Gibson and Posey County Indiana borders as a premiere employer in the area.  As they grow, they were needing help increasing applications for open positions and filling up a pipe line of applicants for when they were ready to hire.

The Campaign

Initially, we decided on a one off recruitment video campaign for Hoehn Plastics, but we also learned that they were in need of improved social media presence to keep their team members engaged and to stay top of mind for future team members so we also manage their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages with regular monthly social media posts.  On the recruitment side, we also created a :30 cutdown an ran as a social media ad while organically pushing out their overall culture video. The results?  Over 800 application visits on their website with just an initial $200 ad spend.  



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Improved Social Media Presence

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