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Body Works

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The Challenge

After Indiana Body Works was acquired by a family holding company, the business wanted to refresh their brand and website for a new go to market push. The goal was to highlight their range of capabilities for heavy duty collision and avoid confusion as a vehicle mechanic. 

Both Koberstein Contracting, Inc. and Koberstein Rental and Sales, Inc. approached us with wanting to increase brand awareness.  Their goal was to showcase the kind of work they do, what makes them who they are, and how they can serve their clients.

The Campaign

For Indiana Body Works, we implemented subtle yet impactful updates to their logo to incorporate the new acquisition title, proudly branding them as a NIX company. The previous website lacked visual proof of the company's expertise, so we curated an extensive collection of before-and-after pictures showcasing a variety of completed projects. Each project is now accompanied by a scope of work, highlighting the solutions provided. This approach not only enhances credibility but also demonstrates the high quality and reliability of their services, building trust with potential clients. Additionally, we optimized the website's user experience and navigation to ensure visitors can easily access the range of services offered by Indiana Body Works.

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