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Life of a Craftsman

Branded Content Bringing Awareness to the Metals Trades

The Challenge

Nix approached our team with the challenge of creating a day in the life type series that showcased and celebrated individuals in the metal working nation.  They wanted to focus not only on the work they do, but the lives they are able to live because of that work.

The Challenge

Nix was wanting to take their branding and marketing up a notch by incorporating video into their overall web and marketing strategies.  Not only did they want to create new marketing videos, but also use video as a recruitment tool to land top talent.  

The Campaign & Creative

Working closely with the Nix HR team, we were able to identify 4 individuals that would allow us to follow them around for a day (or in some cases multiple days).   We wanted to keep production light as to not intrude on the authenticity of the day as it unfolded. To do this, we had a two person crew with minimal lighting and camera gear.   Once we began post-production on the project, we found a common theme - these individuals work hard to live out their dreams.   We created a trailer and developed a plan to release each episode while building anticipation.  We are proud to share that the series won three 2023 American Advertising Federation awards - a Gold ADDY, a Judge's Choice, and Best in Show. 

Interested in sponsoring Season 2 or know of someone in the metals trades that would be a good fit for an episode?  Click here to learn more. 


Ep. 2 | Work it Forward

Ep. 1 | Waiting on a Chance

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Ep. 4 | From Craftsman to Leader

Ep. 3 | Learning Everyday with Humility and Hard Work

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