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Analysis and Insights Overview

Analysis and Video?  Yup, our neat little idea combines the two.  We pride ourselves in analytically driven video, but that is not all we are good at.  Our mathematicians here like to solve problems.  Your problems.  Need to know if incorporating video will help your marketing strategy?  We'll find that out for you.  Maybe you are trying to cut expenses and maximize ROI?  We analyze transactional data to better solve those problems. Or maybe you are just having trouble making the tough business decision?  Our expertise in operational research allows for us to analyze any business information and help you make better decisions.

"Our mathematicians love to solve problems.  Let us solve yours."

Marketing Analysis - Attribution Modeling, Lifetime Customer Valuing, and Campaign Testing

One of the toughest questions businesses have is attributing what sales go to what campaign.  Though perfect sales attribution is nearly impossible, at Creative Captures, we have the means to optimize your marketing and advertising return and minimize your expenses.

  1.  First we determine the  attribution model that best fits your marketing needs.  We will customize it to best fit your business priorities and environment.  We will incorporate both brand building and ROI driven marketing.

  2.  Second we will optimize your attribution model.  By using a 1 to 1 repeating algorithm, we will make sure your ad spend is minimized while your revenue is optimized.

  3.  Third we will use our optimized model to calculate long term ROI for specific campaigns. This will allow us to calculate your customer lifetime value for each campaign.

  4. Finally, we will compare and test for statistical significance which campaigns work best for your business model.  This way, you can eliminate unnecessary spend and increase revenue.

We know advertising and marketing is one of the most stressful parts about running the business.  Let us take away that stress by allowing us to do what we do best - solve problems.

Predictive Analytics - Our mathematical analysts use the above to determine how much potential campaigns are worth in revenue, customer acquisition, and retention rate.  This way you can best determine how to spend your money.

Data Size Based Pricing

Sales Analysis - Character Profile Developer

Ever wanted to know exactly who are your customers?  I mean really, really know?  Through our Character Profile Solution, we will be able to determine all of the following!

  • Who - what's the customer's age? male? female? household income? education? married? job? 

  • Where - urban? international? regional? climate? do products sell better in different areas?

  • What - top selling products?  which customers buy which brands? what products and what order do customers buy certain products? top return products?

  • When - purchase frequency? time between purchases? repeat rates? which days do customers buy on? time of day? month? peak selling times?


Predictive Analytics - By answering these questions, we develop 3 to 5 potential customer profiles.  Each one has a lifetime value associated it with, and with this number, we can determine how much revenue will be brought in if we target these groups.

Data Size Based Pricing

Operational Research - Solving the difficult problems

One of the best thing about us mathematicians is that we like to solve word problems.  Give us a business problem that you are trying to figure out, and we will use the step by step process of operational research to help you make the right decision.  We follow the below steps when solving problems:

  1. Problem Formulation (motivation, short- and long-term objectives, decision variables, control parameters, constraints)

  2. Mathematical Modeling (representation of complex systems by analytical or numerical models, relationships between variables, performance metrics)

  3. Data Collection (model inputs, system observations, validation, tracking of performance metrics)

  4. Solution Methods (optimization, stochastic processes, simulation, heuristics, and other mathematical techniques)

  5. Validation and Analysis (model testing, calibration, sensitivity analysis, model robustness)

  6. Interpretation and Implementation (solution ranges, trade-offs, visual or graphical representation of results, decision support systems)



Common business problems requiring mathematical analysis are inventory control (when to reorder material to avoid shortages under demand uncertainty), manufacturing operations (what size of production run will minimize sum of inventory and production setup costs), location planning (where to locate the hub to serve markets with minimal travel distances), and facility layout (how to design airport terminals to minimize walking distances, maximize number of gates, allow for future expansion, and conform to government regulations)

Data Size Based Pricing

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