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The Challenge

Midwest Trailer was looking for a way to create a campaign that relates to their customers on social media.

The Campaign & Creative

We decided on creating a series of videos that talk about how trailers help you move the things you care most about.  We came up with the tagline Moving Life to tag each of the videos at the end. 

The featured spot below is one of 3 spots that ran on Facebook.  This spot focuses on a father and daughter as they go to a local golf cart community and enjoy their day driving their golf cart from location to location.  We specifically focused on the arrival, unloading, and loading of the trailer so that the viewer understood what product we were trying to sell. 

Midwest Trailer & Container Sales

Moving Life

The Challenge

Nix was wanting to take their branding and marketing up a notch by incorporating video into their overall web and marketing strategies.  Not only did they want to create new marketing videos, but also use video as a recruitment tool to land top talent.  

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