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Nix Industrial

Web Design

The Challenge

Nix Industrial offers a specialized product line featuring safety, material handling, and modular solutions. This division operates through an online platform where customers can browse the inventory and submit quotes directly. Unlike the rest of Nix Industrial’s portfolio, which focuses on building customer relationships, this business channel follows a distinct style of product display and go-to-market strategy. Consequently, this sector required a separate domain to accommodate its unique needs, while still maintaining the appearance and branding of the main Nix Industrial website.

Both Koberstein Contracting, Inc. and Koberstein Rental and Sales, Inc. approached us with wanting to increase brand awareness.  Their goal was to showcase the kind of work they do, what makes them who they are, and how they can serve their clients.

The Campaign

For this project, we designed the domain to appear as a page on the Nix Industrial website, while it actually functions as a separate site. This approach allows the admin and designer to address the unique needs of this business channel without mixing it with Nix Industrial's traditional operations. The primary goal of the website was to showcase the extensive inventory while ensuring easy navigation, user-friendly forms, and a straightforward layout. The site is organized into three main categories: Safety Products, Material Handling, and Modular Solutions. Within these categories, users can quickly browse products and submit quotes in seconds. To connect this site to the main Nix Industrial website, there is a button on the homepage of Nix Industrial that states “Shop Industrial Products”.

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