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Nix Industrial

Rebranding Through Video

The Challenge

Nix was about to rebrand to Nix Industrial.  They needed a way to effectively communicate this rebrand.  The challenge was that they not only needed to communicate why they rebranded, but also what this rebrand meant.  They wanted to focus on simplifying who they were while also introducing their new goals of being more a high value creation company. 

The Challenge

Nix was wanting to take their branding and marketing up a notch by incorporating video into their overall web and marketing strategies.  Not only did they want to create new marketing videos, but also use video as a recruitment tool to land top talent.  

The Campaign & Creative

After a brainstorming meeting, our team came up with the idea of creating a two-part rebranding video campaign.  The first part would introduce the new brand name and why Nix rebranded to Nix Industrial.  The second part would focus on what this new brand meant going forward - creating value for their customers, team members, and communities.  We wrote the scripts based off each video's goals, worked with the Nix team to fine-tune the wording, and then quickly went to work filming.  We decided to film these spots in anamorphic and use consistent type of backlighting throughout the scenes to tie both spots together. We also intended on using certain shots for both spots to once again connect the two parts.  Finally, we used natural sound effects throughout the spots to make them stand out among their typical videos and their competitor videos.  We also used professional voiceover and more atmospheric and cinematic music to create a building sensation.  Take a look at the two spots below. 

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