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Northend Gear
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Web Design

The Challenge

Northend Gear & Machine was acquired by Nix Industrial in Poseyville, IN. While the company had an existing website, it lacked user-friendliness and needed significant updates. To reflect the new acquisition and establish Northend Gear & Machine as part of the Nix Industrial family, the logo required updating. Given the established loyal customer base, we aimed to avoid a drastic brand change that could cause confusion. Therefore, the company is undergoing a three-phase brand transition to gradually build its recognition as a Nix Industrial business. In Phase 1, the logo and company name are updated to "Northend Gear & Machine, A Nix Industrial Company." This branding will evolve over time until the business is solely recognized as Nix Industrial.

Both Koberstein Contracting, Inc. and Koberstein Rental and Sales, Inc. approached us with wanting to increase brand awareness.  Their goal was to showcase the kind of work they do, what makes them who they are, and how they can serve their clients.

The Campaign

For this project, we updated their logo to incorporate Nix Industrial's brand colors while retaining the company's name and adding the Nix Industrial logo as a subtitle. We captured fresh photos of the facility and team members to showcase on their new website. To align the website with the Nix Industrial brand, we integrated the brand colors and featured a summary of the new acquisition on the homepage to start building a connection between Northend Gear & Machine and Nix Industrial. While fostering this new association, we ensured the history of Northend Gear & Machine remained prominent by including a detailed timeline and the company's story throughout the website.

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