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The first question businesses often have when interested in using video and outsourcing content creation such as social media is the logistics and time commitment. Our goal is to make it easy for you to start utilizing the power of content. We want to be an extension of your team.  You need videos that work. You need social media content that engages. Whether your business already has a content marketing strategy that includes both video and social media marketing or you are ready to dive into the world of video marketing, we have a solution for you.  Our goal is to make consistent and creative high-quality video marketing available to any business or organization.  With that goal in mind, we have separated our solutions into two categories: Monthly Plans and Custom Video Packages.  

We offer a free discovery call to help you make the right decision with your content marketing and video production efforts. 

Videos that work as hard as you.

Business Video Package

We've been doing videos for businesses for a while now.  And we've learned that a certain style works well.   This package is great for businesses who haven't done a lot of video in the past, but want a way to brand their company with impact.


What is Included:

1 Videographer

One 2-3 Minute Branding Film

(about your company or product)

Style:  Interview or Direct to Camera

Advanced Video Package

Our Advanced Video package brings a little more to your video marketing efforts.  This package allows us to add in-depth pre-production including scripting, creative conceptualization, and various video lengths.  Our clients often use this package to create creative social media ads, larger branding videos, event video recaps, or smaller TV ads.


What is Included:

In-depth pre-production planning

Advanced Creative Direction

2D character animations

1-2 Person Shoot Day Crew

Various Video Lengths

Ultimate Video Package

Ready to take your video marketing to the next level?  Our Ultimate Video package allows us more resources to get creative and produce a large video campaign.  If you are looking for a video campaign that takes your branding message and turns it into something remarkable, then this is the package for you. 

What is Included:

In-depth pre-production planning

Advanced Creative Direction

Multiple shoot days

Hire Actors

2D character animations

2-3 Person Shoot Day Crew

Video Marketing Implementation Strategies


Our custom video packages are starting points so that your business can customize to fit your marketing goals.


1 Video Per Month

1 Videographer

1 Monthly Planning Meeting


2 Videos Per Month

1 Videographer

12 Month Strategy

1 Monthly Planning Meeting

Video + Social

2 Videos Per Month

1 Videographer

4 Branded Social Media Graphics

12 Month Strategy

1 Monthly Planning Meeting

Monthly Video  and Social Media Examples

Monthly Content Marketing Plans

With video marketing becoming more common and social media presence increasing in importance, many businesses struggle when it comes to budgeting for their content needs while also maintaining a consistent message and strategy.   To overcome this struggle, Captivated Content has created convenient video and social media packages that include a video marketing strategy, a set number of videos, and a set price per month. These videos are repeatable videos such as employee spotlights, product/service videos, short social ads, and more.  Each video in our Monthly Content Packages includes 1-3 hours on location filming and what we call a Captivated Content style video.

We include at least one video content creation planning meeting per month to make sure that our video marketing efforts align with your company's overall marketing strategies. These meetings also help with scheduling of video shoots, what type of videos you need, and hold each other accountable. 



We offer Custom Packages  because we know that a monthly strategy isn't for everyone.  We still believe in creating long term relationships so each of our package includes videos that can be released over time. We also believe in the pre-planning stages.  We want to discover the best way to tell your story.



Why monthly?  The answer: consistency.   To have an effective video marketing strategy, you need to be consistently sharing video content.  We want to be an extension of your marketing team and a monthly subscription allows us to consistently tell your story.  



Each of our monthly packages specifically mentions 1 videographer.  This is to help us keep costs down.  Our goal is to help small to medium size businesses harness the power of video without the high costs.  During our strategy meetings, we will detail our plan so that our videographer can work efficiently while producing your videos. 



The Captivated Content Difference

Creating many videos and incorporating those into your social media and digital marketing can be a daunting task.  But if your company isn't creating content, you will get left behind.  Our difference is simple.  We offer flexibility through monthly videos and custom packages.  Our content creators feel like a part of your team. We help your company create a plan around your content and implement that plan.  Experience the Captivated Content difference and change the way your customers, team members, and community interacts with your business for the better.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us to schedule a Good Fit Call or continue to browse our site!

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