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Pearison, Inc.

Working at Pearison's

The Challenge

Pearison, Inc. was interested in showcasing their family-oriented culture while also attracting new team members to their nationally recognized team in the marching band apparel, cheer uniforms, and company apparel industries.  Since they have different positions in their manufacturing department, the challenge included marketing each position while also keeping a consistent brand message across each video we produced.

The Campaign

We worked closely with different team members at Pearison, Inc. to come up with a 7 video campaign that was all filmed in one day to help be efficient while filming in their active manufacturing area.  We interviews 3 team members as well as the President of Pearison's to give an overview of what it's like to work at Pearison's.  We also focused content around training and pride for each position to attract people who could take pride in their work while knowing they would also receive the training the need to make Pearison, Inc. a great career move.  Finally, we delivered 3 individual position video, 3 individual short form recruitment ads, and 1 overall culture video.  The 3 individual position videos well help viewers get a better understanding for the exact position they are applying for.  The 3 individual recruitment ads utilize large graphics to grab attention.  The final overall culture video will be a great tool for Pearison, Inc. to use online and in-person to really capture the essence of what working at Pearison's is all about. 

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