• Casey Voelker

5 Branding Video Marketing Ideas

Is your business using video? I mean just simple video? If not, you should be and the following series is going to explain 5 different types of videos that your company should be creating. Video is everywhere! Google even rewards businesses for using videos on their websites, helping with search engine optimization. (Interested in more about how video can increase your websites SEO click here). And your company could be taking advantage of this incredible medium. By having a dedicated video business to turn to, your company can release weekly videos about many different aspects of your business. It would allow your company to keep a YouTube channel regularly updated which will result in better results for your SEO and give your company increased credibility as an expert in your field. Here are 5 examples of videos or video series that you could be doing for your business.

1. Product or service or how to reviews 2. Explainer videos 3. Vloggin,Vine or instagram shorts 4. Promo, business films. 5. Event or presentation coverage

Check back soon as we talk about the first type of video on this list!


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