• Casey Voelker

Using Product, Service, and How To Videos For Business

There are many ways your business can start engaging your potential customers. With the growth of social media, it is easier than ever to engage your target audience. One of the increasing ways of engagement includes the use of video. You can use video in blog posts, on social media, or just for communications inside your own company. For simplicity we are going to focus on a few types of videos directed towards adding value for your consumer. Let's talk about the value your consumer will find in product or service, and how to, review, and tutorial videos on your website and social media accounts. Product or Service Videos

First, let's take a look at product or service videos. Product videos are great because not only do they offer you customer value by explaining features, you can also use them to subtly promote your products and talk them up. We aren't talking about the old fashioned product videos that used to bore the viewer to death, but instead, your business can take advantage of this digital driven world by creating entertaining AND informing product videos. Take Purple, a brand that sells mattresses, sheets, and more, for example. They are one of the best brands that utilize videos for entertaining and informing. Here's one of their latest videos: Maybe you've heard of another brand, Dollar Shave Club? Dollar Shave Club revolutionized branded product videos for the digital and internet based world. Just swing on by their YouTube channel to see some of their awesome videos that have brought them some large growth! Just four years ago they launched their first video that went viral. How To, Review, and Tutorial Videos Another type of video that your business can utilize to bring value to your customers are how to, reviews, or tutorial type videos. Many companies use these videos to help their customers have a better understanding of how to use their product. They may show how to install the product or how to track the results of a service. Businesses might also review the different products they offer to give a better comparison of different brands and models. Tutorials can be used to help teach the audience something new or different which create value to this audience.

What Does This All Mean? If you noticed, these type of videos are all about adding value for your consumer. We are in a value and content driven world now. Customers are more likely to do business with you if you give them something of value first. "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" is the mentality these days. Give your customers a reason to value you and your services or products. And the best thing about these videos, they are easy to make with just your smartphone. Grab a gorilla tripod from your local department store and maybe a small LED light and get to creating! Customers are people who just want to connect with the brands they do business with and the best way to connect is through a personal and valued content video.


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