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Should Your Video Be Trendy?

You see it happen all the time. A local commercial or web video copies the style a national brand has recently used in a commercial or web video. For many people, you can tell the spot is obviously a knock off of that larger brand's video production. But yet, these knockoffs normally resonate with the consumer. Why? Because the style of video is trending on social media and the Internet so therefore it is recognizable even if the knockoff is poorly produced. Being trendy can be a good thing or a bad thing. Let's talk about the good and the bad of being trendy.

The Good

Making your videos based on trends can be a good thing if done correctly. One of the things we do at Creative Captures is research what types of videos are being shared on social media, which videos keep certain demographics interested, and which ones are converting for businesses.

  • Trendy videos can be a good thing when it's a style of video that EVERYONE is replicating such as a viral dance or viral style. Remember the Mannequin challenge just a couple months ago? For social media engagement, your business could have done a video like this and many people would have loved and shared it.

  • Trendy videos can be a good thing when the trend is what's capturing your target demographic. A trend that has made a come back in video is largely due to the popularity of YouTube. This trend is having an average person talk in a conversational and energetic way right into the camera as if the camera is a person. This trend has been around for some time now, and continues to grow because viewers feel like they are in the conversation with the person on the screen.

  • Trendy videos can be a good thing when content and brand is the center of attention and the trend does not stand out. We don't want viewers to watch a video on social media or TV and the first thing that comes to their mind is "what a ripoff, they stole this video from so and so."

The Bad

Making our videos based on trends can definitely be a bad thing when done wrong. Here are few ways trendy videos can hurt a brand or business.

  • Trendy videos can be a bad thing when the trend stands out more than the company or brand. We mentioned earlier that certain trendy videos like the Mannequin challenge are okay because it's a social media or viral video trend. This of course is going to have much more focus on the trend. But one way to create a Mannequin challenge that results in your brand sticking out is to show your office during the challenge, or have some products from your business being used during the video.

  • Trendy videos can be a bad thing when a business is doing the video just so they don't have to come up with an original idea. Other businesses in your industry might note that lack of creativity and use that against you or not respect your business. Viewers will also take note of the absence of originality when your video is just a spoof of another video.

  • Trendy videos can be a bad thing when creating a parody of a trend in poor taste or quality. Parodies are very popular on YouTube and Facebook, but only if done well and clever. When a parody is done in poor taste or poor quality, viewers might be turned away from your brand.

The Takeaway

In all, following trends is a way to make sure you stay relevant in the video content world. Styles of videos that work well with your target demographic can be considered a trend and therefore you should note why those videos work. Make sure that you innovate on trends by making the style work with your brand and your content. Be creative, but also be smart.

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