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  • Casey Voelker

3 Reasons to Video Your Next Business Event

From sponsoring golf scrambles to cutting ribbons or hosting business conferences, events are a great way for businesses in the Evansville and Southwestern Indiana area to create outreach and engagement. But did you know that you can have an even larger impact with your event after it's over? Create this impact with video. Here are 3 reasons to video your next local business event.

Increased Reach

Whether your event invites the local community or national participants, a well-produced video is a great way for your attendees to brag and share their experience from the event. For local events, a video oftentimes has the chance to go "locally viral" meaning your video will be views by many in your local community. When you create a video and make it shareable on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, those who attended have the opportunity to share and boost the impact of the event and increase its reach.

Product Preview and Future Promotional Needs

Maybe your event is about a new product or maybe it's a yearly event. If this event is for a new product launch, a video is a great way to double the event as a product preview and allows customers the ability to start a conversation. When you have a yearly event, you can use your event video for future promotional needs. These promotions can include re-using some of the footage to have a more targeted video that promotes the event or re-posting the original video to get people excited for the current year's event.

Emotional Connection

The final reason for filming and creating a recap video of your event is the emotional connection. If your event has a charitable aspect to it, then sharing the video on social media platforms can create an emotional connection with those who weren't able to attend. Facebook even allows you to put a donate button under the video making it quick and easy for viewers to donate to your cause. For the people who attended your event, a video connects with them emotionally as well. It allows them to relive the event, spark inspiration and helps them take action.


Personally, one of my favorite types of videos is creating highlight videos for business events. I have found they have the greatest impact when you are able to get them posted online within a day or two of the event allowing the event to stay relevant. I have also seen success with the same-day-edit. Many business conferences will show the video at the end of the day to the attendees to leave a lasting impression. If you would like to schedule a time to talk about a possible video for your next business event, feel free to contact us.



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