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  • Casey Voelker

B2B Video

With the rise of consistent video marketing campaigns, businesses that work with other businesses often ask "how can you create content for business to business?" So many businesses think that video is a way to speak directly to consumers, but we have found that video can be very powerful for businesses working with other businesses. B2B video is becoming more popular because you can use videos in different ways.

It All Starts with Selling Person to Person

You often hear B2B or B2C when talking about who your company sells to. We like to remind everyone that, ultimately, you are selling person to person. When creating a business video, the best thing you can do is be authentic and really try to speak to your ideal decision maker whether that is an owner of a business, a specific leader within organizations in a target industry, or a small group of individuals that can be advocates for your brand. Your business video that is targeting other businesses needs to showcase how your business can make that individual feel like the hero at their company when they work with you. On the flip side, you can be professional in your B2B videos, but you also need to show a personal touch. Let your passion for the work you do shine through the video.

B2B Video On Social

Some businesses don't believe that their B2B videos will work on social. We believe otherwise. On social media platforms like Facebook, your B2B video content can be used when you are trying to reach a broader audience and build advocacy. Trying to recruit top talent? Use your B2B recruitment videos on Facebook and allow your current team members to share that content. B2B videos on the more consumer friendly platforms also act as old-fashioned referral marketing. Friends, family, and past clients often love to share your videos to help your company out especially if they have had a good experience with your company. One of the most popular places for B2B videos on social media is LinkedIn. LinkedIn, like other platforms, has put an emphasis on video. Since the platform is still at a content-deficit (more users than content being shared) your videos will have a longer shelf-life on LinkedIn. The added benefit of using B2B videos on LinkedIn is the ability to speak directly to business professionals while they are in the business mindset.

B2B Video as a Sales Tool

In past posts we have featured video as a sales tool. Ever have a big meeting with a potential business and wanted to wow them? A high-energy, impactful video about what it is like working with your company can really leave an impression in those sales meetings. Reaching out cold to a prospect and want to stand out in their inbox? A video in your email (even a personal one where you talk directly to your prospect) can capture their attention versus the typical text emails they receive all day long.

Most of the time B2B video works to help establish your brand as the go-to in the industry. Being consistent and strategic in your video marketing efforts can help increase leads and close more sales. Do you want to learn more about B2B video? Contact Us today to get the conversation started.

Captivated Content is a content marketing and video production company based in Evansville, Indiana looking to help brands tell their stories by sharing their culture and connecting with their customers.



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