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Captivated Content - Nix Companies Partnership

Poseyville, IN (June 1st, 2020) - Nix Companies Inc., and Casey Voelker have partnered to form Captivated Content LLC, a content creation and video marketing company based out of Poseyville, IN.

Casey Voelker has been providing video marketing services to Nix Companies Inc., since 2016 at various production and marketing agencies. In 2019, Casey joined Nix Companies as their Marketing Coordinator and has been creating videos and other marketing material for the different divisions of Nix Companies.

“The ultimate goal for me has always been to build a company that uses video and content marketing to help grow local and regional businesses,” stated Voelker, who will serve as the Managing Partner for Captivated Content LLC. “After working with Nix since 2016, and more recently working on staff this past year, I have learned what it takes to build a great team that provides superior solutions and customer service to clients. Entering a partnership with Nix allows Captivated Content to grow in a more strategic way, allowing us to better serve our clients locally and regionally. I’m really excited to be partnering with a company that understands the importance of building a strong team, staying involved in our local community, and helping grow our region.”

Matthew Nix, President of Nix Companies, made the following statement regarding the partnership. “Having always been very brand aware and growth oriented, I have worked with Casey as a contractor for years. Bringing him on board full time in 2019 was a huge win for us, but it didn’t take me long to realize that he was a bird we couldn’t keep caged. He is clearly very talented and has so much to offer the region. Helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow their own business has always been a dream of mine. So, when Casey approached me about our interest in helping him start his own business, I was ready to listen. What intrigued me the most is he’s more than just a ‘creative’. He gets the business side of things too. Both how creative needs to convert to actual revenue for the client and how all of that can be monetized in his business model. That combination is rare. We are very excited about this partnership and feel it's the best of both worlds for Nix Companies. We get to help Casey fulfill his goal while keeping him close by to advise and oversee the creative development of our in house marketing efforts.”

Captivated Content LLC will specialize in content and video creation for businesses needing help in improving their brand awareness, communicating more effectively to their customers, recruiting top talent through video, and implementing a more consistent video marketing strategy into their overall marketing plan.

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