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  • Casey Voelker

DIY Video

Yes, we are a video company, but I'm going to tell you why DIY is important to your overall content marketing strategy. If you're reading this article, then hopefully you are learning the power of using video to effectively communicate to your customers. Sometimes a business has areas of their business where bringing in a video team isn't feasible. Other times, there are businesses who have teamed up with a video company to produce multiple videos a month, but yet they want to engage their followers and customers even more. These are both areas where do-it-yourself video comes in handy. And from a video marketing funnel standpoint, DIY videos are necessary when implementing a video strategy. Do-it-yourself videos help build authenticity, consistency, and engagement.


When a figurehead of a company takes a selfie video to address his or her LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or whichever social media following, the video comes off as more authentic and spontaneous. This authenticity and spontaneity makes customers feel like the company is speaking directly to them and promotes trust and honesty.


By adding DIY video to your content strategy, you are effectively increasing your brand consistency. Why do you need to increase your brand consistency? When it relates to content marketing, you want your customers to come to your brand for the added value and information that they are craving. When you use do-it-yourself videos to bridge the gap between your other video marketing releases, you create a consistent process in which your audience or customers can digest your content.


Want to increase your engagement on social media? Post a live video or a selfie video that invites your following to engage in your online conversation. DIY videos are a great way to increase engagement without doing a ton of work. Webinars are a great DIY video solution that garners a large amount of engagement including comments and shares. When you are able to increase engagement, you and your customers feel a stronger connection that helps with a buyer's decision.

Where to Implement DIY Video

You can implement DIY video in many ways. If your company is already producing 2-3 videos a month with an in-house video team or an outsourced team like Captivated Content, then you can use DIY video to bridge the time between larger video releases to continue to engage and communicate with your customers. You can also use DIY video or one-to-one video on your website with tools that allow you to communicate with a customer via video right through an app on your phone. Do-it-yourself video is becoming very popular on Facebook and LinkedIn where an individual can improve their personal branding by posting videos sharing their expertise. Sometimes there are topics where businesses don't have the luxury to produce a higher quality video and need to get the content out within an hour or so. That is where DIY video shines. In all honesty, we believe in DIY video so much that we will include suggestions on how to use it for your business in most of our content or video marketing strategies that we put together.

Does your business need help putting together and implementing a video strategy to increase brand awareness and gain more customers? Contact us today for more information about video marketing.



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