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  • Casey Voelker

Good Video Fast

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Consistency is the key to a strong video marketing strategy. As a business who is wanting to use video to communicate their brand, services, and offerings, you probably want to produce consistently "good" video on a "fast" basis. What is good video? We believe good video is the right video for the right audience on the right platform. What is fast video? Fast video includes appropriate business videos created to either be released quickly, or have to do with timely events. So how do you get good video fast? 3 tips we'd like to offer include having a good strategy, keeping videos simple, and minimizing perfectionism.

1. Having a Good Video Strategy

We've said it before and we will say it again, the success of consistent video marketing is having a good video strategy. When you're first getting started with video, you might produce a few videos to see how video fits into your overall marketing strategy, but once you are ready to produce more video on a consistent basis, it pays to have a simple video marketing strategy. This can be as simple as focusing on the buyer's journey and having a list of video ideas that you are wanting to produce for each stage. Or it can be more complex with the idea of trying to find which parts of the buyer's journey is most important for you to utilize different videos while communicating with your ideal customer. No matter what, to produce good video fast, you will need to have some kind of video marketing strategy.

2. Keeping Videos Simple

Another way to produce consistent video content is to keep video ideas simple. Think about a problem that your customer has that your business can solve. Now, think of that problem in the simplest form. How can you create a video that relates to your customer while also offering a solution to the problem? Creating a video that conveys your solution in a simple way can make it more effective. Another way to think about simple videos is the opportunity to scale your video marketing. By keeping videos simple, when one style takes off, you can cater your new videos to fit that style. Simplicity gives you the opportunity to pivot when need be. And simple videos are often easier to create which means they can also be made faster.

3. Minimizing Perfectionism

The final way to make good video fast is minimizing perfectionism. Trust us, we know this is easier said than done. We are creatives and we want each video we produce to be perfect. But often times, a video that is 95% of perfect will get you just as good of results as a video that is 100% perfect. Of course there are areas you need to get right. The message needs to be what you need it to be. The way your viewers and customers feel needs to be the way you want them to feel. Your brand needs to be portrayed the correct way. Sometimes, a video that isn't quite as perfect but is released to your customers or team members will be more effective then sitting on a video that may or may not reach perfectionism.

Get Started Making Good Videos Fast

We believe in good videos fast. We work with many companies on a project to project basis or sometimes on a longer term basis with a custom video marketing plan. But we also offer monthly video marketing packages to help clients produce and achieve more with their video marketing. These packages are designed for businesses to take advantage of our team's ability create consistent quality videos in a quick and timely manner. We utilize the tips above to keep these packages affordable and efficient. If you are interested in learning more about video marketing, please contact us to schedule a quick phone call so we can learn more about your business or organization!



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