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  • Casey Voelker

LinkedIn Video for Local Engagement

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

One platform that has really taken the internet by storm in recent years is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been around, but recent changes has made it a great place to share, engage, learn, and lead. It is one of our favorite social media platforms for those reasons. To take advantage of this platform, we are finding that organic videos are a great way to standout in your follower's LinkedIn feeds. In this post, we are going to talk about the three types of videos that work well on LinkedIn right now: personalized video, professional marketing videos, and local community videos.

Personalized Video

The first type of video that is working well on LinkedIn is the personalized video. These are selfie type videos where the poster gives some knowledge nuggets or tips to his or her followers. We are big believers in personalized video and audiences on LinkedIn seem to really engage with this type of format on your profile. These videos you want to let your authenticity and rawness shine through. These are great videos for your followers to really get to know you as a person.

Professional Marketing Videos

The next type of videos that work well on LinkedIn includes professional marketing videos. From sales videos, branded content, and even commercials, marketing videos are making a large splash on LinkedIn. Most marketing videos are best when posted on your business page and shared by your personal page, but you can get a little extra reach uploading them directly to your personal page. A good marketing video for LinkedIn will keep your customer in mind. You are on a platform of professionals so making your video speak directly to the professional audience that you are targeting helps brands be more successful with video on LinkedIn. As for using video ads on LinkedIn, that's a subject for another post, but think about LinkedIn video ads as a place to target higher priced B2B or professional services.

Local Community Videos

Some of the most engaging videos on Facebook are also the most engaging on LinkedIn. We all know that a good community involvement video on Facebook will get a lot of likes, shares, and comments because people take pride in their communities. This same pride transfers to LinkedIn just as much if not more. Doing a community food drive? Create a short video to share on LinkedIn and tag the organizations that were a part of the food drive. Hosting a charity event? Put together a highlight video showcasing the event. Business-minded people tend to take a lot of pride in their communities and seeing videos that portray their local communities increases that pride.

Example of a Local Community Video

Being successful on LinkedIn with your videos boils down to making sure you are creating the right video for the right audience. By knowing who you want to engage with your video, you'll be able to create content that attracts them and helps them take action. LinkedIn continues to be one of our favorite platforms, especially for B2B, but also thought leadership. Videos on LinkedIn are here to help you communicate your brand, products, services, and culture to your advocates.



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