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  • Casey Voelker

Local Video Marketing Tips

For some local businesses, hopping on the video marketing train seems like too far of a leap. This is because many either don't know where to start when it comes to video marketing or when they hear the phrase "video marketing" they think about "local" TV commercials. I put the word "local" in quotes because when people think about local TV commercials, they think of car dealerships yelling at the camera, or cheesy parody commercials. But for many businesses, local video marketing is one of the quickest ways to extend your brand's reach. Here are three local video marketing tips.

1. Share Videos about Your People and Culture

There are many videos that local businesses can create. In our experience, the ones that tend to get the most organic engagement and shares locally are the ones about your business's people and culture. Why is this? If you are hiring the right people, they typically have their own extended reach. If you do a video featuring an employee, many people are proud to share the video because they know that employee. Other team members tend to share these videos, as well. Along similar lines, many local businesses have a lot of advocates. Making a video that speaks to your culture entices the local community to engage. Local community members are often proud of their local businesses and love to share their cultures.

2. Share Videos Promoting and Recapping Local Events

Local events bring the community together. One of our most popular style of videos include event recap videos. Is your company having a fundraiser? Maybe your company is sponsoring a golf scramble? Or your company might be hosting a holiday party or company picnic. These are all great events to capture and share on social media. Nowadays, you can capitalize on the relevancy of the event with a quick and entertaining recap video. Team members like to share these videos, bragging on what their company is doing. If it's a large community event, you can get other organizations to participate in the video and have them share it with their followers, as well. You can also use the footage to promote future events with energetic and emotional promotional videos.

Example of a Local Community Event Video:

3. Create Videos that are Searchable Locally One of the most popular reasons to use video marketing for a local business is the benefits to SEO (search engine optimization). Local businesses can use keyword research to develop a plan for videos that targets those keywords. Using videos that are searchable locally and uploading them to YouTube, you can link back to your website and include your name, address, and phone to help increase your visibility on Google and YouTube.

Local video marketing is becoming more and more popular as local businesses start to realize the power of video. As with most video marketing and video production, it's always best to start with a strategy including how is your target market currently interacting with your brand and what kind of videos will resonate with them.

If you're interested in learning more about video marketing, please contact us to schedule a phone call or meeting to see how your business can take advantage of video.



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