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  • Casey Voelker

One to One Video

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Using video throughout your sales funnel is becoming easier because many of us have a camera that is always on us. A useful way to standout when making a sales email, following up, or even working with clients during their project is to use one to one video. One to one videos are made specifically for a person or business instead of a group of people or businesses. It is you or your team talking directly to your customer through video. If your business is a relationship-based business, then one to one video is a great way to foster those relationships.

Benefits of One to One Videos

There are many benefits of one to one videos. The biggest benefit is to improve the individualized experience for a customer and therefore improve the relationship. When you share information and updates that are relevant and speak specifically to a certain client, your client is more likely to feel appreciated and trust you. One to one videos are also a great way to stand out on crowded marketing platforms such as email and social media. Above all, one to one videos allow you to connect with your customers on a more personal level and provide them with better products and solutions to their problems.

Types of One to One Videos

1. Welcome Videos

One of the first one to one videos I recommend to my clients includes a welcome video. When you are onboarding a new client, sending a short introductory video of yourself and the team that will be helping them helps them put a face to the name. You don't have to wait for onboarding to use a one to one video. You can also send a follow up video after a sales meeting to thank the individual or team for their time.

2. Project Update or Customer Service Videos

Another great area to use one to one videos is during project updates and customer service. Let's say you are a manufacturing or service business and your projects take months to complete. A quick video to your customer can go a long way when it comes to updating them on the status of their project. On the customer service front, you can use one to one videos to help explain your companies process specifically for a certain customer, answer any questions, or to offer additional services that can help them in the future.

3. Personalized Video Ads

Personalized video ads are becoming more popular due to the growth in digital video marketing. With new ad platforms on social media and over-the-top television (think internet TV on Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc). By using a CRM and targeted ads, you are able to send personalized video ads to very specific individuals on these platforms. You can use these ads to send offers, grab attention, or even introduce your company.

How to Get Started with One to One Video

One of the easiest ways to get started with one to one video is to utilize your camera that is in your pocket or on your desk. You can do a selfie video when you land a new customer thanking them for allowing your business to help them. Or if you are more a sales professional, you can install apps on your computer browser like Vimeo Record or Soapbox by Wistia to record and share videos from your webcam or computer screen. When reaching out to a client or following up, simply hit the record button on whichever extension you choose, record your video, and click save. These platforms will generate a link or even a thumbnail to use in your email.

If you would like a more comprehensive plan for your team to use, including higher quality video production, a strategy, and a video marketing partner, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule a quick call!



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