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Social Media Content from Video

Video and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and whatever else you mix peanut butter with that you're adamant about being delicious). If you think about it, nearly every social media platform allows video and even promotes video in your newsfeed with their algorithms. You get the point. Video is important when it comes to your social media marketing strategies. But did you know that starting with one video can actually help you create content for social that is not just that one video? Let's discuss using video as macro content and how you can create multiple pieces of micro content from your videos.

Creating Social Media Graphics using Screen Grabs from Video

Using screen grabs for "photos" in marketing used to be a big no-no. With cameras and phones being able to film in 4K resolution or higher, that big no-no is going away. You can use screen grabs in your digital marketing such as social media because the screens and platforms they'll appear on don't need the highest resolution imagery. We still recommend taking photos when you can, but if you have to choose between a photo or a video, choose video and use screen grabs later. Examples of times to use screen grabs from a video include organic (or candid) moments or times when you need to capture a process in it's entirety. For organic moments like recruitment marketing, you may want to capture your team members laughing and enjoying their jobs. If you're creating a recruitment video, you can take some of those happy moments and create supporting social media graphics with screen grabs. During a process video, you might be trying to capture a piece of machinery running. Being able to get the screen grabs from different steps of the process with strictly photography can be hard if you don't know how to do so. Using video, you can have multiple frames to choose from.

Creating Snackable Content from Larger Video Projects

Ever heard of snackable content? If not, it is basically short social media friendly content that can be digested while scrolling. Examples of snackable content include short soundbites from a larger video that can stand by themselves. Think about a longer video for your company's brand, but in part of that brand video you mention your vision. You can take just the snippet of your vision, add some inspirational music, and upload directly to your social channels to have quick engagement. We recommend most companies who are getting into video marketing to think about all the different pieces of snackable content they can create from the original footage and map out when and where to use that snackable content on social media.

Creating Posts for Quotes and Testimonials from Videos

We all know how important social proof is when it comes to your marketing and recruiting. Testimonials and inspiring quotes from customers and team members go a long way. If you are using testimonials in a video, take notes on the short 1-3 sentence soundbites that can be re-used in a social media graphic or even short snackable videos. A quick tip for finding the best soundbites to use in your micro content is to use ones that have a strong one liner. An example is "John's Lawn Care Company gave me more time to spend with my family and less time having to worry about the upkeep of my lawn."


If you follow along with our blog posts, you'll notice a common theme. We want to educate businesses and marketers about how and why video and content marketing can fit into your overall marketing strategies. Content marketing, especially video, is time consuming. Being able to get the most out of your original content and repurpose it is important to embracing content marketing. It'll help with your consistency and offer different ways for your audience or customers to interact with your content. To talk more specifically about content and video marketing for your business feel free to contact us today.



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