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  • Casey Voelker

The Best Post-Sales Videos

If you're a business owner or marketer, you probably understand your buyer's journey and your company's sales funnel. During the buyer's journey, you have your awareness stage, consideration and evaluation stage, decision and purchase stage, and finally the post-sales or delight stage. Many of us understand what types of content to produce during the awareness stage, consideration stage, and even the purchase stage. But the one area businesses often overlook is the post-sales or delight stage. Businesses don't mean to overlook this stage, they just might not know exactly what kind of content is effective during this part of the customer's journey. Maybe businesses are aware of this stage, but they only use it for feedback purposes through reviews and surveys with past customers. The post-sales stage offers a great opportunity for companies to delight, up-sell, and bring value to the customer. Here are 4 of the best post-sales videos that can bring value to your customers.

1. The Up-sell Video

The up-sell video might not sound like a way to bring value to your customer, but when done right, it'll do just that. A good up-sell video will offer benefits related to the customer's previous purchase. Take Amazon or Best Buy for example. When you purchase an item off their respective websites, they'll often suggest "other's bought with 'this product' with this item." You can use up-sell videos in the same manner. When a customer buys from you, if you have their email, or if you are re-targeting them with ads, you can send a video that suggests the most popular items paired with their previous purchase. Sometimes, the buyer may not even realize that they need the other item until your remind them.

2. The Tips and Tricks Follow-up Video

One of my personal favorites when it comes to post-sales videos includes the tips and tricks follow-up video. If you're a B2B manufacturer providing equipment or machinery to a customer, one of the best ways to keep that customer loyal is by sending them follow-up videos that include tips on how to best maintain their new purchase and how to get the most out of it. If you're a service based business and you just sold a customer on your service, a great follow-up video in the post-sales stage is one that tells the customer what to expect next. You can have a detailed process video that re-affirms that you were the right person for the job.

3. The Thank You Video

The most popular post-sales piece of content is a thank you message. But to make this message stand out among the crowd, why not make it a thank you video? With more and more built-in video capture software like Soapbox by Wistia, sales team members can record a video directly to their browser saying thank you to their customer and send the link in an email. Or you can have a more polished look by having a pre-edited video that automatically sends to your customer post-purchase with a thank you video from your CEO/President of the company. With the more polished video, you may want to add a "what's next" section to this video so that it brings more value to your customer.

4. The Meet The Team Video

The final post-sales video we'd like to mention is the meet the team video. This video isn't one that many people would normally think about, but since we're strong believers that people buy from people, we wanted to include it. This video can be either pre-produced by a company like us, or it can be a quickly produced video right after the sale. The idea here is more for service-based businesses to be able to showcase one of their key assets to making the customer's purchase the best product it can be. That key asset? Your people! A great way to produce this video is to have each team member talk on camera introducing themselves and what their role in the process will be. If this is pre-produced, they can say something along the lines of "My name is Jon Doe, I'm the project manager for your project. I'll be handling the project from start to finish and making sure everything is delivered on time." If the video is produced specifically for the person who purchased, you can make the video more personal with "Hi Bob! Thanks for your purchase! I'm Jon Doe, the project manager for your project."

Just Remember to Bring Value to Your Customers

Just like most pieces in content marketing, the main rule-of-thumb when it comes to post-sales videos is to bring value to your customers. Having a customer return to purchase again and again will help your business be sustainable while it grows. By bring value after the sale, you are helping persuade customers to become advocates for your brand which well amplify your reach and give your company more credibility.

If you want to start adding video to your sales funnel, please reach out to us to schedule a discovery meeting.



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