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The Customer is Always Right (Except When They're Not)

You've heard the phrase "the customer is always right." It's a staple in good customer service when running a business. And yes, you want to make your customer happy, but not at the expense of the product or service you are providing. The goal with any product or service is to solve a problem for a client. For us, a lot of our projects involve quite a bit of customer interaction and feedback. We have learned that feedback is great to make sure we are all on the same page, but by looking through a different lens, we are able to keep our customers from making a project not work with unnecessary changes. The customer is always right (except when they're not). Here is our process to customer feedback.

Limited Revisions

First and foremost, we limit revisions that are included in most projects to two revisions per video or design project. We have found that if we have done our jobs correctly, during the first version of a project, we should be about 90% there. The revisions are typically just a matter of cleaning up simple fixes and getting to that 100% finished project. We do offer additional revisions for an extra cost (sometimes the direction of the project needs to change for some reason that is outside of the original scope of work) but we are upfront about those extra costs.

Rough Draft vs First Draft

Sometimes in our more organic (and vague) video projects, we will send a rough draft instead of a first draft. This rough draft can be just interviews put together with music to see if we (us and the client) like the direction of the story. Other times we are waiting on more filming, or even assets from the client so the rough draft has blank spaces throughout the video. Or we do a couple simple edits with different music and style to help the client decide which way we want the final video to go. A rough draft is a lean method for us to stay on the same page with the client while also not using up any of their actual revisions.

Understanding Changes that Are Good or Bad

Some creatives get offended when you ask to put your logo in the bottom left of the entire video or when you ask to take a certain soundbite out. We don't. We allow the client to tell us what changes to make as long as we believe it won't affect the goals of the project or the integrity of the project. We ask ourselves and our clients "Will this change affect the results we wish to get from this project such as new hires, new customers, evoking emotion, etc.?" If the answer is yes, we then decide if those goals are still important. If they are still important, we typically decide against that change.


Our ultimate goal is to make sure your video or other marketing project succeeds. We want it to be something you are proud of, but also gets the results you are looking for. We owe it to you to be the professionals and sometimes that requires us talking you out of a change if we believe it isn't necessary for your project to succeed. Or even more importantly, if we believe a change will hurt the results of your video or marketing project then we definitely want to evaluate whether or not that change is absolutely needed. Video marketing (and all marketing for that matter) is a collaborative process. Feedback is needed. And we want the process of working with us to be fun, easy, and successful.

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