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Top 5 Most Engaging Super Bowl Ads of 2017 and What Local Businesses Can Learn from Them

Last night was another Super Bowl and another Patriots win. But for many, the big game is more about the moments in between the plays. These moments included a boyfriend throwing popular candy at his girlfriend's window, a series of individuals who continued to get stuck in sticky situations, or even the moment when an animated cleaning icon danced throughout a house. Yes, I'm talking about this year's Super Bowl ads and commercials. And the following is my top 5 list for most engaging Super Bowl ads of 2017.

5. Audi "Daughter":

Here is a commercial where narration and shot selection makes for a compelling story. From the color of the opening shots to the raspy narration of the father, you are hooked early on. What makes this spot so unique is the sincerity. In a day where humor seems to rule our audiences, the sincerity makes a viewer smile.

What can local businesses learn from this spot: To engage your audience, emotion and sincerity goes a long way. When making a video, graphic, or just a social media post, use emotion to bring your customer in. It will build trust and enjoyment in relation to your brand.

4. Budweiser "Born The Hard Way":

Budweiser left the puppies and the Clydesdales for a more relevant and historic spot. How can I say relevant and historic? It shows the history and immigration of founder Adolphus Busch. With recent current events, many will say this is a political notion on the part of Budweiser. We won't touch the politics, but that's what makes this spot relevant and probably gave it more social media buzz. Again, this spot uses emotion to take the viewer through the hardships of the founder utilizing emotional music, big screen type shots, amazing sound design, and good pacing with a tagline at the end "When nothing stops your dream." This tagline inspires the viewer and results in loyalty.

What can local businesses learn from this spot: A local business can take a few aspects away from this spot. First and foremost, stay relevant. In today's social media and mobile driven world, a business needs to make sure content they share with customers is relevant and adds value. But also, especially in the Evansville Tri-State area, tell your story. Customers enjoy learning about the history and why a business does what it does.

3. Bud Light "Ghost Spuds":

This next spot is from the official alcoholic beverage sponsor of the big game. Bud Light has been known in recent years to have very engaging ads including the Bud Light party and more. This year, they took a more creative approach. They used humor and their old mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, to draw in younger and older viewers. Nostalgia works well. But so does the feeling that your friends are having a good time without you, but they NEED you. This spot has good storytelling and great color.

What can local businesses learn from this spot: Local businesses can learn that emotion isn't the only way to engage their audience. Using humor, especially on online video campaigns, can be an effective way to get shares and engagement. Humor driven content can be a simple way for you to start using video content marketing.

2. Mr. Clean "Cleaner of Your Dreams":

Mr. Clean has used the iconic animated mascot in many different ways. This year during the Super Bowl was no different. You always see Mr. Clean as the guy who saves the messy day, but the company took a "dirty dancing" approach. This spot was one of the highest social media trending spots during the game and many people were sharing. The shares came from the product's target demographic which for most businesses is a big win. To end the spot, they brought in a less animated and less handsome husband which kicked the humor up a notch.

What can local businesses learn from this spot: Local businesses can learn that knowing your audience can really boost engagement and the success of an ad. When we understand our target demographic, we can create an ad that resonates with them.

1. SNICKERS® Presents: A Live Super Bowl Commercial:

Snickers may have had the most anticipated ad of the Super Bowl. Why? Because it was the first live commercial during the game. This gave Snickers a huge chance to engage with the audience before the ad, during the ad, and now after the ad. I stuck around their YouTube Channel because of their live stream up to the ad. Although some people might think the ad was a little underwhelming, I believe that the spot did exactly what Snickers wanted it to do. It created a sense of anticipation. I loved that they tied in their current campaign of eating a Snickers when you are hungry. I also liked the use of the current score of the game which made viewers realize that the commercial was in fact live.

What can local businesses learn from this spot: Being different is a good thing. Being different in your advertising or marketing can help build a brand and set your brand apart. Use Facebook Live to give your customers a chance to engage with you more. Be creative and stream your own live commercial. Make sure you build anticipation and go for it!

Small and local businesses can learn a lot from Super Bowl ads. They can get a glimpse at what type of ad might be trending for the upcoming year or how new technology can help create a more engaging campaign. So, the next time we are watching our favorite show or sporting event, we should take a little time to watch those commercials and learn a little from them.

Honorable Mentions -

Ford "Go Further":

Skittles "Romance":

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