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  • Casey Voelker

What makes a good explainer video and why your business should have one

There are many reasons for a business to create an explainer video. First, let's explain what an explainer video is. An explainer video is exactly what it sounds like. It's a video that explains a product, service, process, or even a company. Sometimes these explainer videos are animated and other times they are live action. Sometimes they have dramatic voice-overs while other times they have someone talking on camera. There are multiple ways to explain your company through an explainer video, but what makes certain ones more successful than others?

A Good Script

This is the first and possibly most important aspect to creating a successful explainer video. A good explainer video will have a script that presents a problem that the viewer might be having right at the beginning of the video. The script may give multiple examples of this problem. Once the video has the viewer in agreement that this problem is indeed a problem that must be solved, the script will then present the solution (a product, service, process, or company). After introducing the solution, the script will then refer back to the example problems while showing how the solution easily solves said problems. A good script will keep the writing simple to understand, relatable, and often times, entertaining.

Easy to Relate To

As already mentioned, many successful explainer videos are easy to relate to. One way to make an explainer video more relatable is to use your target demographic as the on camera talent or spokes person. If you are a company that sells beard oil for the every day man age 25-45, then you should have an every day man age 25-45 with a beard talking about your product. Another way to make your explainer video easier to relate to is include real problems that your customers are facing. Of course, you can go a little over the top to get your point across, but keeping the problems realistic allows your viewers to imagine themselves in that situation.

Keep the Video Entertaining

One of the quickest ways for your explainer video to lose includes lack of entertainment. Entertaining your audience while simply explaining the problems your product or service solve is the best way to ensure your audience sticks around until you introduce your product or service in the video. Most individuals remember explainer videos because they made them feel something. Maybe the video made them laugh. Maybe it made them tear up a bit. Successful explainer videos entertain while making the viewer feel.

Why Should Your Business Have an Explainer Video

If your business has a unique product, service, process, or your business as a whole is unique then you may benefit from an explainer video. Explainer videos are high converting videos that help move your customers along the sales funnel when they are seriously interested in purchasing. A good explainer video reinforces your company's branding while entertaining and converting viewers to customers. If you have a great product or service, but you are having trouble with visitors interacting with your website, then an explainer video might be the perfect solution.

If you're interested in starting a discussion on whether or not your business is ready for an explainer video then please contact us.



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