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Your people are your greatest asset. Imagine having multiple job openings or looking to fill a very specific high level position.  Your company has a great culture, you empower your team members, and you're invested in their success.  But you are having trouble cutting through the noise and receiving quality applicants.  Recruitment video marketing is one of the best ways to connect with potential employees on an emotional level.  With recruitment video, you can focus on the employee's journey and have content that connects at different stages.  You can build a strong community following by sharing unique team member stories through employee spotlights or be more direct with team member testimonials.  It's time to start treating recruiting like a sales funnel.  And Captivated Content has the team to put the right video strategy in place, produce story-driven content, and place those videos on the right platforms to reach your targeted future employees. 



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One of the best ways for you to stay on-top of the talent pool is with our Employee Spotlight type videos. These videos are monthly or quarterly videos that feature one employee.  We use your people to connect and entertain with potential employees onr a consistent and regular basis.

Culture Videos

We call recruitment videos culture videos.  We only partner with companies that believe in a unified goal and provide a great place to work including a great culture.  

Recruitment Ads

Just like a sales funnel, the recruitment funnel has an Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage, and Delight Stage.  We can create ads for the Awareness Stage that help get potential team members excited to join your team. 

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