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Struggling to find the right talent? Captivated Content simplifies hiring for HR professionals. Our culture-based videos and targeted recruitment strategies attract top candidates who fit your company culture.



One of the best ways for you to stay on-top of the talent pool is with our Employee Spotlight type videos. These videos are monthly or quarterly videos that feature one employee.  We use your people to connect and entertain with potential employees onr a consistent and regular basis.

Culture Videos

We call recruitment videos culture videos.  We only partner with companies that believe in a unified goal and provide a great place to work including a great culture.  

Recruitment Ads & Other Team Building Videos

Just like a sales funnel, the recruitment funnel has an Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage, and Post Hire Stage.  We can create ads or other recruitment videos for the various stages of the hiring journey that help get potential team members excited to join your team. 

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