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Virtual Trade Show

The Challenge

Solterra Marketing, an Evansville based marketing firm, approached us with the challenge of helping TDI Brands, a national garden supplies wholesaler, develop and implement videos for a virtual trade show.  TDI Brands has had to change their approach for connecting with their target customer, independent garden centers, with many of their in-person trade shows being cancelled in 2020.  The challenge was creating a virtual experience through 20+ brand products videos and 2 overview videos that engaged and informed garden center decision makers. 

The Campaign

To help TDI Brands, we partnered with Solterra Marketing to create the product videos and overview videos within a 2 month time-span.  After going through our pre-production process including our collaboration stage, we scheduled 5 full days of shooting to capture all the content that we needed. We produced videos for TDI Brands and their separate sister company, Stone Age Creations.  We knew that we could overlap some of the footage for the overview videos with the appropriate product videos.  We combined on-camera talent with 2-D animation that used client-supplied product photos.  We wanted to create an intro and close that delivered a consistent, branded approach while also giving appropriate branding to each individual brand and product.  We supplied TDI Brands with thumbnails for each video and suggestions on how to best use the videos outside of the virtual trade show. 

TDI Brands - Dewit - Thumbnail.png
TDI Brands - Kids Gardening - Thumbnail.
SAC - Benches - Thumbnail.png
SAC - Animals - Thumbnail.png

TDI Brands Product Video Examples

Stone Age Creations Video Examples

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