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The Challenge

Sterling Industrial had recently acquired another company. This acquisition created a need for a rebrand. To help launch this rebrand, they reached out to our team to create a rebrand video over a tight deadline.  We had to work with multiple schedules and various locations to create the end product. 

The Campaign & Creative

Our team worked closely with Sterling Industrial to create an efficient shoot-day schedule that allowed us to interview multiple key team members in a timely manner. We also focused on getting soundbites about what the new brand means to these team members.  From a shot selection standpoint, we focused on getting as many shots of the new logo in as natural of a way as possible.  

To combat the tight deadline and turnaround, we filmed the entire piece in 2 back-to-back film days with a couple hours for pickup shots.  The final feel for the video depended on combining the right soundbites with an inspiring music track to motivate and generate excitement for the viewer. 

Sterling Industrial

Launching a New Brand With Video

The Challenge

Nix was wanting to take their branding and marketing up a notch by incorporating video into their overall web and marketing strategies.  Not only did they want to create new marketing videos, but also use video as a recruitment tool to land top talent.  

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