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The Challenge

The Hagerman Group was looking for a stronger message to help retain and recruit employees across their three offices. 

The Campaign & Creative

The campaign and creative started with planning out multiple days of filming in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne areas focusing on notable projects, interviews with team members, and utilizing pre-shot footage from The Hagerman Group's in-house drone pilots.  We wanted to focus on community, experience, and culture to help portray what makes The Hagerman Group different.  This campaign included one overall employee retention and recruitment video that speaks to their vision of "Building A Better Future."  We will also produce 3 shorter targeted videos utilizing additional content captured. 

The Hagerman Group

Building A Better Future Video

The Challenge

Nix was wanting to take their branding and marketing up a notch by incorporating video into their overall web and marketing strategies.  Not only did they want to create new marketing videos, but also use video as a recruitment tool to land top talent.  

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