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The Challenge

Thrive Marketing Strategies reached out to us to help produce a pair of marketing videos for their team.  The challenge was producing two videos that told Thrive's story while also showcasing their care for their clients and their capabilities.

Both Koberstein Contracting, Inc. and Koberstein Rental and Sales, Inc. approached us with wanting to increase brand awareness.  Their goal was to showcase the kind of work they do, what makes them who they are, and how they can serve their clients.

The Campaign

For this Campaign, we began with a couple of phone calls to decide which route would be the best for Thrive.  After speaking with Thrive's owner, Alissa, we decided on two videos.  One would focus on telling Thrive's story through team members passion for what they do while the second video would utilize testimonials from Thrive's clients to showcase their attention to detail through the eyes of customers.  

We enjoyed working with Thrive Marketing Strategies on this campaign and look forward to more projects in the future.  


Branding and Testimonial Videos Working Together

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