We understand that many businesses want to keep as much of their marketing production in-house. This in-house production might be blogging, graphic design, web development, or video marketing.  For these businesses, we would love to help with their video marketing.  We want to take the pressure off of the marketing specialist, owner, or manager who is in charge of creating engaging video content for these businesses by creating a video plan that they can incorporate in a cost effective way.  

"Every business should integrate video into their marketing.

Our video consulting includes a plan that takes into account the equipment you have in-house, the individual who will be in charge of creating the video content, and specific areas of the business that can benefit from video marketing.  We come up with a plan the same way we would come up with a video marketing plan if we were doing the production and analysis.  We meet with you on a regular basis to go over video marketing insights, adapting the video marketing plan accordingly.  We believe that no matter what, your business should be taking advantage of video. 

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