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Video marketing is where we got our start.  As a business, you need a way to communicate with customers and potential employees effectively while also standing out.  Video can help with that. We love working with businesses to share their stories through video and audio.  We believe video connects on a level unlike any other type of marketing and we are willing to back that up.  Take a look at our packages for consistent video marketing services or if you're an e-commerce brand view our e-commerce content packages.




Branding Videos

Brandings videos can range from "About Us" videos to a deeper "Our Why" type video.  We believe sharing your story through branding videos is essential when establishing a video presence. 

Social Media Ads

Social Media is staying around and with such large user bases, your business needs to be utilizing them.  We can create creative and thumb-stopping social media video ads.

Recruitment Videos

We love to produce videos that share a company with a great culture.  In today's competitive job marketing, stand out with recruitment videos that turn fans into team members. Click to Learn More

Video Strategy & Consulting

If you need help with the strategy behind video marketing, we can help put together a comprehensive plan that shows where and how to use different videos a long the customer's journey. 

eCommerce Product Videos

If you're an eCommerce brand then you know the importance of consistent content.  Captivated Content can help by partnering to produce regular content for your online channels.  Click to Learn More

Sales Videos

For many of our B2B partners, we have found that the most powerful way to use video is during the sales process including meetings, email follow-ups, and even on their personal LinkedIn profiles. 

Employee Spotlights 

If your company takes pride in their team, then Employee Spotlights are a perfect way to celebrate your team members while also sharing your company's culture with the world.  These are short 1-2 minute videos showcasing individual team members. 

TV Commercials

We believe that the best way to capture someone's attention is with creative commercials.  Now days these commercials don't just go on traditional TV, but can be placed as ads on social media, Amazon, Hulu, and so much more. 

Our Video Work

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