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The Client

Woodplay Playsets parent company Escalade Sports came to us to help produce 3 new videos as they were about to launch a new website.  

Both Koberstein Contracting, Inc. and Koberstein Rental and Sales, Inc. approached us with wanting to increase brand awareness.  Their goal was to showcase the kind of work they do, what makes them who they are, and how they can serve their clients.

The Campaign

We worked closely with their in-house photographer and marketing team to come up with creative and followed their team's vision to produce 3 spots.  One focused on safety while the other two had a more playful feel.  Each video followed the theme "Give Them Space" to Play.   Watch the videos below!

Woodplay Playsets


Give Them Space to Fly

Make them Queens and Kings of the Jungle

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Give Them a Safe Place to Play

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