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  • Casey Voelker

Our Secrets to a Successful Branding Video

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

When we meet with a client about video, we tell them that what we do isn't that special. We aren't bringing some kind of proprietary process to video marketing. We don't use the best cameras, the most lights, or the largest crews. There are even times where we recommend our competitors when we can't produce the content that you need us to produce. But when we do produce video content such as a branding video for your business, we have a few 'secrets' that we use to help tell your story. First, we focus on why your business exists. Secondly, we focus on your people. Finally, we put it all together in a relevant story that doesn't try to fit everything into one video.

1. Focus on Your Why

If you're a business owner or marketer, you have probably read Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" or at least seen his Ted Talk. We use this focus on almost every branding video. We want to get down to why your business or organization does what it does. We focus on your vision, core values, and mission. We ask questions that get to why your business exists and how that aligns with the right customers.

2. Focus on Your People

Going along with focusing on your why, we also want to focus on your people. For many businesses, you're only as good as your people. Your team members are the ones working with your customers, communicating with them, and creating the product or service that your customers are buying. Ultimately, people buy from people. By focusing on your people, you are able to let your customers know that who you care about who represents your company and who works with your customers.

3. Focus on Your Relevant Story

We understand that many businesses are diverse in the products and services that they offer. And for most business owners and marketers, they want their branding video to include everything they do. We will often times advise against this thought process. Why? Because customers don't want to hear more about the products and services that they already know you sell. They want to get to know your business. They want to know that they are doing business with a company that they can trust and believe in. When our team goes to edit your branding video, we focus on the big picture and personality of your company. We focus on culture and the experience the customer gets when working with you. We make sure we include the relevant story of your company.

Are these three tips all we focus on during your branding video? Not every time. We still believe each video, especially branding videos, must be customized to your company's specific needs. But these 'secrets' help us get on the right track. Through our collaboration meetings before the project, we learn how to cater our video process to your company and add what is unique about your company to your video(s). And even though branding videos are where we often start with customers, we know they are just the beginning to embracing a video marketing mindset when using video to bring more digestible and entertaining information to your customers.

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