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Repurposing Long-Form Video as Multiple Social Media Videos

In the vast world of online content, staying ahead of the game means getting smart about how you create. Repurposing macro or long-form content is a game-changer, and in this blog post, we're talking about turning those lengthy videos into bite-sized victories for a competitive online presence.

Spotting the Gems when Repurposing Video:

So, here's the deal: during the editing process, look for those 30 to 90-second moments where someone is really passionate about a topic. Those are your "knowledge nuggets," and they're the magic ingredients for creating smaller, super digestible pieces of content.

Crafting Snackable Goodness:

When editing your video podcasts, earmark those golden soundbites. The goal? Pull out four to six impactful "knowledge nuggets" from each video, whether it's a podcast session or an extended YouTube video.

Tailoring for Each Platform:

Platforms like different shapes and sizes. Horizontal, square, or vertical – they each have their preferences. So, tweak your content to fit naturally. Dig into the platform specs, find the sweet spot, and watch your engagement soar. We have found that 4x5 aspect ratio typically works the best across Instagram Reels, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook for vertical content.

Captioning for Impact:

Closed captioning is more than just a courtesy; it's a secret weapon. Embed those captions onto your video – control the colors and fonts for that extra pizzazz. Why? 'Cause many folks scroll without sound. Text is your ticket to grabbing attention and maybe convincing them to turn that audio on.

Wrapping It Up:

Creating a ton of content to stand out online might seem like a puzzle, but it's actually a little easier if you repurpose content. The insights we've shared are your cheat code to repurposing long-form content efficiently and effectively. Recognize those key moments, tailor for different platforms, and throw in some embedded captions. Whether you're using a podcast or conquering YouTube, these tips are your roadmap to turning those lengthy videos into bite-sized wins and owning the online scene.



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