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  • Casey Voelker

Video as a Sales Tool

When many businesses think about using video, they think about commercials on TV, social media videos, and other outreach type videos. But when you're talking video marketing strategies, you'll realize that you can use video in many different places. One area to use video is as a sales tool (especially for a business-to-business company). Here are three different ways to use video in your sales process.

1. Email Introduction

One of the first videos we recommend and often produce for businesses is a branding video or business film to tell their organization's story. When we put together a video strategy for our clients, we include the best ways to utilize this video including how to use it for starting a conversation during an email introduction. When a sales team member is making a warm introduction or even a cold introduction, sending your brand video to the prospective client in an email helps increase response rates. We recommend embedding the video on your website (such as your about page or story page) and using a thumbnail to link to that page with the video.

2. Sales presentation

Another great place for using video as a sales tool is during a sales meeting or presentation. We've had clients begin to eliminate slide presentations by using more videos throughout a sales presentation. As a sales person, you can use an attention grabbing video to get the meeting kicked off and engage your prospects. Then you can keep videos to engage by using process or product videos to really explain your process followed by testimonial videos to re-iterate that you are a trusted provider. Finally, to wrap up your sales meeting, you can show a video that really connects with your audience on an emotional level to make them excited or moved to work with you. In between each video, you now have talking points to engage and get to know your client's pain points.

3. email follow-ups

Since so many sales or account reps use email to communicate, another great place to use video in your sales pipeline is with follow-up emails. You can do simple DIY videos using an online video capture software and your webcam to say thank you to your prospective clients, or you can have pre-produced process, facility, or product videos that you send in an email giving customers an idea of what to expect moving forward. Email follow-ups are a great place to include video to help stand out to your prospect and to engage them a little more.

There are many opportunities for a sales team when it comes to incorporating video into your sales process. To get started, take a look at your client acquisition model and sales funnel to see places where you may want to spruce up the process by adding video. Or you can contact us to schedule a free consultation about whether or not video marketing would be a great fit for your business. We love working with businesses in southern Indiana around Evansville, IN and the surrounding communities.



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